What We Spotted Driving A Bus This Past Christmas – THE GRINCH

Steve Bruton painted himself green in a bid to spread some festive cheer during Christmas week.

The 61-year-old from Llanrumney in Wales who’s been a bus driver for more than 10 years, said it was worth it just to see the reaction on customers’ faces.

Driving the X1 NAT Group service, Steve went all out on his costume, with body paint, furry green hands and trousers, as well a Santa hat and coat.


The original ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ was released in 1966, based on the children’s book about how the Grinch tried to steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville below his mountain hideaway.

It was followed by a live-action movie in 2000 where Jim Carrey played The Grinch, while an animation of the same name was released in 2018.

“I’ve been doing it now for a few years and I love it because it puts people in the Christmas spirit,” Steve said.

“People stop to take pictures of me and smile and laugh.

The idea of dressing up as The Grinch all started when Steve went on a stag do and covered himself in green paint.

But his costume has come on leaps and bounds since then, and Steve has added a number of other quirky features.

A number of other drivers on the NAT services also donned festive costumes, including a number of Santa drivers and elves.