Travel advice For Barcelona As Separatist Protests Prompt Airport And City Centre Chaos

Riots and protests broke out for a third day in Barcelona following the sentencing of nine separatist leaders by Spain’s Supreme Court.

The conviction took place over their role in the 2017 independence referendum that the Spannish government deemed illegal.

Nine Catalan separatists were sentenced between nine and thirteen years, while a further three were fined for their involvement.

After the trial, Pro-independence protesters clashed with riot police at Barcelona’s international airport with over 50 people needing treatment for minor injuries.

Airport authorities cancelled 110 flights on Monday and a further 45 on Tuesday. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice travellers to Barcelona to exercise caution.

Authorities fear further protests are likely and may occur with little warning. Also demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate and turn confrontational.

Barcelona Tourism has launched a telephone line for those tourists that have missed their flight or couldn’t make it to their hotel: +34 93 285 3834.

Travellers can also check @emergenciescat for the latest updates on travel disruption. Option for English translating is also available.

To check the status of a flight either in or out of Barcelona Airport , head to the airport’s Departures and Arrivals page

If you’re in doubt, contact your airline and they should be able to provide you with any necessary information.