Transport For London  To Scrap Route C2 And Merge It With Route 88

TfL has published the results of the consultation on the scrapping of bus route C2 and its proposed merger with route 88.

TfL is going ahead with the route cut even though 66% of the 1,159 people who responded saying they opposed the plan.The worry of users is that the new bus service will be far less frequent.

Despite TfL cutting the number of buses serving Camden Town on the new route from 15.5 an hour to just five an hour, the transport body claim that the existing weekday frequency on the route 88 of a bus every 8 minutes will be maintained.

The C2 has already been downgraded from a bus every 8 minutes to one every 10, this means the frequency will have been cut by 50 per cent in less than six months, making passengers wait far longer at stops.

This is part of a series of major cuts to buses across central London, with a whole swathe of routes due to be scrapped, merged and truncated.