Transport for London To Reschedule Running Times Of Route 486

Transport for London is to reshedule the running times of bus route 486, which links Charlton with North Greenwich station from Saturday 23 February.

TfL claims the impending changes to the frequency of route 486 reflect its varied demand during different parts of the day and week. The full details about the changes are below:

  • Introduction of two journeys during Monday to Friday morning peak hours from Bexleyheath to North Greenwich, increasing the frequency from 7.5 to 8 buses per hour during the busiest hour in the morning peak
  • Reduction of Monday to Friday daytime frequency from every 8 minutes to every 10 minutes (7.5 to 6 buses per hour)
  • Reduction of Saturday daytime frequency from every 8 minutes to every 12 minutes (7.5 to 5 buses per hour)
  • Reduction of Sunday and evening frequency from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes (5 to 4 buses per hour)
  • There is no change to the weekend–only night service at this time

A proposal to scrap the weekend overnight service on the route – which meets Night Tube trains on the Jubilee Line – is on hold, the London Omnibus Traction Society reported.

The frequency cut is the latest in a number of planned cutbacks to local bus services.

TfL is currently facing a financial crisis on three fronts. It is primarily caused by the loss of its grant, signed off by previous mayor Boris Johnson, but has also lost some income because of current mayor Sadiq Khan’s partial fare freeze and the ongoing delay in finishing Crossrail.