Sacked Dundee Bus Driver To Appeal Dismissal

A Dundee Bus Driver who was sacked by his employers has launched an appeal of his dismissal after he was involved in an incident on a number 32 Xplore bus

The unnamed driver was dismissed after an altercation on October 29 when a passenger is alleged to have shouted obscenities at the driver while boarding the service in the city centre.

The driver alleged the man boarded the bus and cut in front of a number of elderly passengers. He questioned him and was subjected to verbal abuse. Then the passenger challenged the driver to come off the bus.

The driver, who had worked for Xplore for four years, admitted he “regretted” his actions as a brawl ensued. He said he had been diagnosed with stress and believes his employer, Xplore Dundee should have offered him more support

Passengers on the service attempted to break up the fracas while the police attended the incident, although no further action was taken