Pat Lawson Voted London’s Happiest Bus Driver At The 2018 London Bus Awards.

A CT Plus bus driver, Pat Lawson, has been voted London’s happiest bus driver. He won Transport for London’s (TfL) outstanding customer service award at the 2018 London Bus Awards.

The Former homeless man thanked Islington charity for helping turn his life around. He thanked the charity that gave him a chance after he spent years homeless on the streets.

Pat Lawson of Finsbury Park who originally hails from Hackney in East London, was street homeless. He lived in hostels around London for years and sold the Big Issue at King’s Cross train station.

The 50 year old  was referred to Islington charity Single Homeless Project (SHP) and with its help retrained as a bus driver.

Pat is normally on TfL route 26 and a host of other routes that come out of the Ash Grove bus depot. He  is loved by his passengers for greeting them as they board his bus and delivering messages in the style of a pilot or train driver.

He scooped the TfL award after 45 commendations from passengers, and was also nominated for top London bus driver at the UK Bus Awards.

He said “People always ask why I’m so happy, It’s just if I’m not smiling or talking to people, I’m miserable”.

“It’s a conscious decision to do more every day, to sort my face out. I just want people to get on my bus to lower their guard, smile and have a good time.

“Sometimes I say: ‘Good morning’ and people look like they are going to fall off the bus in surprise!

“People seem to enjoy it more, talk between them. I want to enhance their journey.”