Passenger Launch Abuse At Bus Driver Over Oyster Card.

A passenger boarding a bus in Ealing, West London had a fit of rage after the bus driver demanded to see his Oyster card.

The irate fare dodger called the driver an ‘immigrant c***’ and screamed “Get back to your f***ing country”.

He then shouted ‘I hope you get f***ing deported’ and ‘get back to your own f***ing country – this is our country’.

The driver was forced to lock himself in his cab as the passenger spat at him and tried to smash the cab door.

He then got off the bus but decided to block the vehicle’s path, pounding the windscreen, destroying the wipers and wrenching open the bus driver’s window and beating him around the face.

The man also sprayed soft drinks on the bus before trying to do the same with cans of lager.

Three men then chased the abusive man down the road while punching and kicking him before restraining him.

The video ends with the thug collecting his belongings from the pavement and road while yelling ‘f*** off’ repeatedly as the driver shuts the doors and pulls away.