National Express To Extend Frankley Bus Service

Councillor Simon Morrall has managed to convince National Express  in Birmingham to agree to a trial run on an extension of the 61 bus route after the bus company made major changes to the bus route in July 2018 which upset many residents.

He campaigned for recent changes to bus routes in Frankley to be reverted as the changes has caused distress to residents, especially those who rely on the 61 service.

The extension will reconnect many living on the Frankley estate to services they had been cut off from and it is hoped that the trial will begin in the spring.

He managed to get them to change the route 63 back in the summer of 2018, which was originally proposed to terminate on Romany Road. However,  Frankley is one of the most deprived areas of the city,


The Councillor said, “In December, they called me back for another meeting, and I’m happy to announce after months of campaigning, they have finally listened, and are prepared to make changes in the Spring/ summer of 2019.”

After extensive public consultation, National Express West Midlands made major changes to the bus routes in south Birmingham in July. This was to cater for emerging travel hotspots, and to help overcome increasing traffic congestion and the resulting slower journey speeds.

Routes 61 and 63 became unreliable over the summer of 2018 due to Birmingham’s Cycle Revolution roadworks on the Bristol Road. When the roadworks have finished – which should be spring 2019 – National Express West Midlands is prepared to trial a slightly altered 61 route through Frankley.

The trial would run until summer 2019, when the bus company will judge the altered route on passenger numbers and reliability to see whether to make it permanent.


National Express West Midlands  added extra buses to the two routes in the first week of November 2018. They also changed the schedule to give the buses more running time. Inspectors were deployed to monitor the time gaps and the send or turned buses back out again at more regular intervals.