Double Decker Crash Leave 3 People Dead In Ottawa

Three people were killed and nearly two dozen injured when an OC Transpo double-decker bus crashed into a bus shelter at Westboro station at the start of Friday afternoon rush hour.

Two passengers and one person waiting on the platform died in the single-vehicle collision, 23 other passengers were injured. Seven patients were in critical condition and nine were stable.

The double-decker 269  bus which was travelling westbound to Kanata had its front and part of its side shorn off. The front seats of the vehicle’s upper deck hang precariously from the gaping hole. 

On aproach to the station, the bus started to swerve, then struck the shelter. People started screaming, especially those at the front upper deck who got pinned under their seats. Emergency crews cut seats and windows out of the front of the bus, likely to get at passengers, 

It is believed that  the most serious injuries occurred on the right side of the upper deck. The female bus driver was arrested and taken to police headquarters for further questioning. She was later released pending further investigation.

The bus could have been carrying as many as 90 passengers at the time of the horrific crash. Officials from Transport Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation are also investigating.