Bus Passenger Numbers Fall In Newcastle Due To Road Congestion

Report shows bus numbers are falling in the North East and road congestion in and around Newcastle city centre may be partly to blame.

Official observations suggests that traffic was slowing down bus journeys into Newcastle city centre including services running between the East and West of the region.

A fall in the number of Metro users may be connected to poor reliability of the bus system further out from Newcastle and the attractiveness of car usage and cheap car park pricing policy which is very affordable in Newcastle compared to other cities in the UK.

Despite the Metro been successful and offering good value for money, there is still the resilience and reliance of the network. Overall, bus passenger numbers have fallen across the country.

There have been suggesting for the local councils to consider road-charging schemes to cut congestion on the roads such as imposing charges on workplace car parks used by employees.

Congestion charge was introduced in central London in 2003 and other parts of the country are now beginning to follow suit. Birmingham is introducing a “clean air zone”, which involves imposing charges on many private vehicles coming into the city centre, while Manchester City Council is considering a similar scheme.