Bus Driver Honored For Saving Toddler Wandering On Expressway

A Milwaukee bus driver has been honored for saving a toddler wandering alone in freezing conditions at a commendation ceremony held in her honor on Thursday.

Irena Ivic, was awarded by the Milwaukee County Transit System after she saved the child who was running along a freeway overpass in December 2018.

In a video released by the bus company, Ivic stopped the bus and ran out to pick up the barefoot toddler who was wearing a red dress and a diaper and carried her to the bus.

A female passenger on the bus took off her jacket and draped it around the little girl, who was cold as the temperatures had plummeted that day.

The toddler is seen in the video sleeping in her arms of the driver afterwards. Police said that the 19-month-old had been cold and scared but was otherwise unharmed.

The child went missing after officials believe her mother had a mental health crisis and she was eventually reunited with her father.