A406 Charging Zone For Vehicles Not Meeting Exhaust Emission Standards

TFl has revealed that residents of South Woodford and Wanstead will pay £12.50 a day if their car does not meet exhaust emission standards while buses, coaches and lorries are expected to pay £100 starting from 2021.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge will only be applied up to the A406 and drivers using the North Circular will not have to pay.

TFL claims the purpose of the Ultra Low Emission Zone is to deliver a real reduction in harmful NOx emissions across all of London.

Transport for London has clarified the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charging area. The transport body said making the decision on where to expand to, it was important to ensure a clear and navigable boundary for drivers to make it as easy as possible to recognise when driving within the zone.

The air quality and health benefits of the ULEZ will extend to and beyond the North and South Circular, with a 23per cent reduction in NOx emissions on the A406 North Circular alone, as drivers switch to cleaner vehicles.

The most polluting buses, HGVs and coaches across London will be subject to tight emissions standards from 2020, which means that NOx emissions outside the North and South Circular will also reduce by nearly a quarter as a result.”