Workers Union Unite, Demands Cash Payments On Buses Be Suspended To Curb Coronavirus Spread

Unite, the union representing bus workers has demanded that cash payments on all buses in the United Kingdom should be suspended for the duration of the coronavirus crisis to reduce infection risk.

The Union have raised the issue of reducing the risk of infection to bus drivers in a meeting with the Department for Transport.

The recommendation, if implemented, will give drivers some peace of mind as some of them are worried that they could infect their families if they contract the virus.

As various transport unions mourn the loss of 14 bus workers who have died from Covid-19 since the lockdown, individual drivers raised concerns over the transport industry’s health protection implementation.

There are mixed messages from transport authorities regarding access to protective equipment and hygiene products, public behaviour and bus companies’ responses which are a concern to the Union.

Some bus drivers had to buy their own sanitising wipes and hand gel, they also complain about the lack of protective masks.

In Northern Ireland, public transport company Translink, announced it would no longer accept cash payments on it’s buses to protect staff and commuters.

Unite’s representatives in Northern Ireland and Wales said they were generally pleased with the response of the companies running bus routes.

TfL said it continues to work with Unite the Union and bus operators to enhance safety measures across the network. It added it is ‘funding enhanced sick pay’ for bus staff who are self-isolating or suffering from symptoms.