Vietnamese Refrigerated Trailer Victim Lured To Work In Nail Bars In The UK

The death of a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman in a refrigerated trailer has brought to light again issues surrounding human trafficking and modern-day slavery activities.

The young woman was one of 39 people who died in a freezer lorry on the East Coast of England. They were trafficked via ferry from Zeebrugge in Belgium .

She texted her mother frantically during the fateful journey to the UK that she was suffocating in the refrigerated truck.

According to her texts, she is from the Ha Tinh province of Vietnam, were there was an environmental disaster from a chemical spill from a steel factory in 2016.

Many Vietnamese women take the risk of leaving their family and make dangerous trips across the world in search of a better life in the UK.

Many of them are promised work in nail bars on Britain’s high streets while others are forced into prostitution.

It is believed that it cost up to $40,000 to travel to Europe and many victims are trapped for years trying to repay debts.

Anti-slavery organisations have been warning about heavy debt owed by Vietnamese families to human traffickers smuggling their people into the United Kingdom.