Uber Risks Being Shut Down In London After Bid To Renew Licence Rejected

The ride-sharing taxi company was granted only two months extension to its current operating licence by Transport for London (TfL).

It is the second time in two years that Uber have had it’s request for a full operating licence rejected by TfL because the transport regulator claim that Uber doesn’t meet the standard needed to be granted full extension.

One of the concerns by TfL is over passenger safety. TfL claim that Uber fail to report criminal allegations made against it’s drivers to authorities.

Uber’s first licence was for five-years and it expired in September 2017. It was then granted a 15-month provisional licence to improve it’s performance.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has now backed a further two months extension, it comes with fresh conditions to improve passenger safety.

The new conditions mean Uber have to improve ride-sharing, insurance and checks on driver documentation. An “independently verified” assurance report every six months is also a requirement.

Now Uber will have two months to get a full deal, or acquire a fresh extension. If not, Uber will have to cease operations in London until TfL is satisfied that the firm has cleaned up its act.