TFL Publishes List For Most Injuries Caused By Bus Collisions

A Transport for London (TFL) study indicates injuries arising from collisions by London bus operators in the 5 years since 2014 total 4,942 injured people, of which 49 were killed and 1,068 were hospitalized.

This equates to 2.7 people per day injured and of those an average of 4.3 people have been killed or seriously injured.

The study shows the number of collisions caused by each of the 24 bus operators servicing London’s bus routes.

Metroline tops the list for total injuries from collisions causing 635 total injuries, including 7 fatalities and 7 people hospitalized.

Arriva London North was second on the list with 627 total injuries, including 7 fatalies and 21 people needing hospital treatment.

East London Bus Company is third on the list with 597 total injuries including 5 fatalies and 8 people requiring hospital treatment.

London General Bus Company is next on the list with 441 total injuries, 4 fatalies and 17 people requiring hospital treatment.

London General is the key subsidiary of the Go Ahead Group which also includes London Central (296 injuries, 5 fatal, 14 hospitalised), Metrobus (189 injuries, 2 fatal, 9 hospitalised), Blue Triangle Buses (65 injuries, 5 hospitalised) and Docklands Buses (28 injuries).

City of Westminster recorded the most incidents involving bus collisions with 350 injuries between 2014 and 2018.