Statistical Data For The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

The issue of Modern Slavery is a global problem and it affects almost everyone.

The spirit of the 2015 legislation is to change the mind-set of ordinary UK citizens and companies and create a way of working so that it becomes increasingly difficult for any person or organisation involved in modern slavery or bonded labour to trade.

In June 2016, the Home Affairs Select Committee’s inquiry into prostitution noted that there had been 1,139 victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in 2014.

289 sexual offences were prosecuted under the act in 2015, and there had been a 40% rise in the number of victims referred for support.

In July 2016 prime minister Theresa May announced additional measures to assist the implementation of the act:

The creation of a task force to coordinate government action
– A budget allocation of £33.5 million
– An assessment of consistency in police approach by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary

In 2017, figures published by the National Crime Agency indicated that there were over 300 current police operations investigating possible violations of the act, and that a total of 3,805 people had been reported as potential victims in 2016. In September 2017 alone, nine people were jailed for offences under the act.