Politicians Want A Ban On Cars Parking On Pavement In England

The Commons transport committee wants to implement a ban for parking on pavement kerbs by vehicles across Britain. The published Pavement Parking report reveals plans to increase enforcement laws to curb parking anarchy.

The cross-party group says an outright ban on kerb parking will help reduce impact on people with visual and mobility impairments and those with children.

The report also claim that kerb parking can have considerable impact on the lives of millions of people, it can also put people at risk of loneliness because some are unable to safely leave their homes.

New laws could be implemented as soon as the summer of 2020 as local authorities are keen to begin the crackdown.They are also going to increase
public awareness of kerb parking.

London is the only city in Britain to have laws banning parking on roadside kerbs, Traffic wardens can issue a £70 fine.