Police with spy lorries are catching motorway drivers using their mobile phones

Police spotters have been using an unmarked lorry during undercover operations to catch perpetrators of driving while on mobile phone despite tougher laws and constant warnings.

Many motorists in the UK are still risking their lives using their mobile phones to make phone calls or check texts while driving.

Police are able to spy into people’s vehicles and catch out drivers who thought no one was watching. Penalty points have been given to drivers against a practice that has the potential for disaster.

After police spots motorists break the law, they radio their colleagues who were driving in unmarked police cars nearby and sped up from behind to pull over the culprits.

In 2017, the penalty doubled to six points and a £200 fine, for using a mobile device while driving. Motorists might be punished with three points instead of a maximum six depending whether any data communication has been made.

A few seconds looking away from the road, can lead to fatal consequences. People have been killed purely because others have not been paying attention to their driving.

Points and fines no doubt push up car insurance premiums, it is a significant punishment for a momentary action of checking a phone. Another aim of the operation is to spread awareness of the dangers.

Police operations takes place if the lorry becomes available for use for covert campaigns because the vehicle gets passed around different police regions.