Manchester Man In Full Road Rage Foul-Mouth Against Coach Driver

A Volkswagen driver refused to give way to a coach in the middle of a narrow road in Warrington, Cheshire on Saturday and this brought traffic to a standstill.

Five cars queued behind the coach during the 15-minute standoff as both drivers refused to back down.The VW driver, dubbed the new ‘Ronnie Pickering’ exit his car and launch an explicit rant through the coach window at the stunned driver. He then told the coach driver to get a “proper job”.

When the coach driver asks, “Why are you being abusive?” the other man replies, “because I can be” before bragging about his “£40,000 car”.

The coach driver, who works for a company called LMTravel, then asks what a proper job is, to which the other man replies “my job”, before saying that he owns his own business.

The irate man, whose registration plate says ‘Big Oaf’ then took his phone out and snapped a picture of the bearded coach driver who posed with a big smile and his thumbs up.

The standoff eventually comes to an end when the coach driver backs up and makes way for the furious motorist.

The man who took the video can be heard pleading with the men to bring the ordeal to an end, adding that he has children in his car.

The video was released on social and users jumped to the defence of the coach driver, whose identity is not known.