Man Hurls Urine At New York Bus Driver’s Face

New York bus driver Trellis Robinson, was left traumatized after a man hurled urine at her in an unprovoked attack.

She was attacked while pulling into a bus stop in the Bronx. Robinson said ‘I just froze. I didn’t know if I was going to start melting or burning. I just didn’t know what it was at the time.’

She added: ‘I seen a cup in his hand and I just thought he was a panhandler.

‘So when the light changed, I made the right and pulled into the stop.

‘As the passengers were loading, I closed the doors. ‘I turned to look in the mirror to pull out of the bus stop, and he was there and he just doused me with liquid, urine in my face.’

The vile attack left Robinson with eyes that were still stinging 24 hours later.

New York Police Department investigators are now combing surveillance camera footage from her bus and the stop where the attack happened in a bid to track the man down.

He is believed to have hurled urine at a female New York subway worker in the same area shortly before attacking Robinson.

The driver is hopeful police will arrest the man who assaulted her, and said it highlights the abuse public transport workers must often face.

She explained: ‘This is what us operators go through every day. ‘All we’re doing is out there trying to move New York, feed our families, get people from point A to point B.’