Eastern Europeans Arrested In Human Trafficking Of Slovak Migrants


An Eastern European man and woman have been arrested in Bristol for human trafficking offences regarding the transportation of Slovak migrants on Tuesday, October 8.

The man, aged 43, is believed to be Slovakian and the woman, aged 44, is said to be Polish. They are accused of the exploitation of illegal migrants.

They are part of a two-year investigation into suspicion of Modern Slavery Act offences, money laundering and fraud by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Trafficked victims are normally threatened with violence, have wages withheld and bank accounts controlled.


Slovak migrants are usually transported to the United Kingdom in trucks and made to work in menial jobs such as labouring environments and car washing bays.

The National Crime Agency investigation was supported by Avon and Somerset police and Slovakian police.

The NCA said it was a “major step” in what had been a “long and complex investigation”.

Authorities confirmed tales of distressing allegations of exploitation, abuse and humiliation of victims for financial profit.