Drivers in Birmingham Will Receive Fines If They Use A New Bus Lane

Drivers in Birmingham will receive fines if they use a new city bus lane from 2nd September 2019. The new bus lane has been added to Sheepcote Street at the back of the Arena Birmingham.

Bus routes are also being diverted away from Broad Street as work continues on the city’s West Midlands Metro extension.

Not everyone in the City is happy and some hit out at Birmingham City Council because of the amount of roadworks going on in the city centre.

Others see it as a money-making ploy, while many also questioned why cyclists were able to use the bus lanes if they were designed to speed up bus travel and stop conjestion.

Authourities got backing from some members of the public saying the lanes were well marked and drivers had no excuses.

Birmingham City Council claim that the bus lanes exist to “keep our city moving, giving priority to buses so they can avoid congestion”.