Driver In Road Rage Smash Into Car Narrowly Missing The Motorist

Shocking footage has emerged showing an altercation between two drivers in a residential area of Ilford in east London.

The driver of a silver Nissan Micra appeared to hit the parked silver vehicle which had three occupants, including a one year old child.

The driver of the Nissan is seen getting out of his car and kicking the door of the other car before walking back to his own vehicle.

The offending driver then drove his car a couple of steps away before turning his vehicle around and smashing it through the door.

Passers-by were clearly outraged at the incident and were seen running towards the Nissan in order to stop the driver’s rampage.

He then drives off and makes a rude gesture to the passer-by filming before riding away.

The front of the Micra was visibly damaged with pieces of the car falling off the front.

The driver is seen going past the person filming the outburst before showing him his middle finger and speeding off down the road.

He then goes down another residential road before driving out of sight.