Disabled woman Fined For Speeding at 104mph on the A11 Dual Carriageway

A Disabled woman has being convicted at Norwich Magistrates Court after been caught speeding in her Jeep.

Victoria Robertson was convicted under the Single Justice Procedure on Boxing Day in 2018 at Wymondham.

The 45-year-old was caught driving her Jeep – a mobility car over the speed limit on the A11. She told magistrates she was “remorseful” and “wasn’t very well that day I was driving. It has made me totally aware of my speed,” she said.

Chair of the bench Dr Pierre Butikofer told Robertson: “The A11 is a very dangerous road and driving at that speed isn’t sensible to say the least.

“However, because you have a clean driving licence with no previous endorsements, we are not going to ban you for six months. Instead we are going to be putting six points on your licence.”

Robertson, of Priory Street, Dudley, was fined £120 and made to pay £100 costs, and a £30 victim surcharge.