Councils Demand More Powers To Tackle Accidents And Road Blockage


Councils across England have asked the UK government for more powers to curb the spate of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) causing accidents in small towns and villages.

The issues noted by the Local Government Association (LGA) include roadblocks due to vehicle weight, width or height and also lorries crashing into bridges.

The LGA wants the Government to give local councils the powers they need to target offenders who cause congestion and disruption.

Currently, the only councils in England with powers to issue fines to drivers who ignore local road restrictions are those in London.

A spokesman for GLA said “The spate of accidents we have seen involving lorries blocking streets, damaging local areas and crashing into bridges on an all too regular basis shows that action needs to be taken by Government in the upcoming spending round.”

He added that councils in London and Wales already have powers to enforce moving traffic violations, therefore other English councils should be able to act upon disruptive lorries too.

“They would also help councils unblock congestion hotspots that delay buses, lengthen journey times and reduce pollution from stationary and slow-moving traffic, and help cyclists ride more safely,” he said.