Coroner Calls For Road Checks Review After Milton Keynes A5 Road Fatalities

A Coroner’s Court in Milton Keynes has called for for road checks review after it heard rain had failed to drain away due to a build-up of waste on a gutter cover at the roadside on the A5 in Milton Keynes .

The coroner concluded “standing water had accumulated due to blocked gullies on the side of the road that had not previously been identified on routine inspection”.

It is believed that checks are carried out weekly involving a driver and a “spotter” looking for hazards and an inspection took place on the road four days before the fatal crash.

In his post-inquest report, Mr Osborne said “the process for inspection should be reviewed”.

“During the course of the evidence I heard how the roads are examined and monitored on a regular basis but that such inspections are conducted at speed,” he said.

“In my opinion, action should be taken to prevent future deaths.”

A Highways England spokesman said it had carefully considered the coroner’s report and reviewed its methods including “the travelling speed when we carry out inspections in a vehicle”.

“We are satisfied our road inspection processes are appropriate to pick up on defects,” he said.

“We have written to all our inspectors to highlight the importance of inspecting recessed gullies, particularly on roads like the A5.”