Citymapper To Launch Contactless Travel Pass In London

Citymapper is launching a contactless travel pass, offering unlimited travel in central London for £4.10 less a week than the TfL option.

The Pass will allow unlimited travel in Central London’s zones one and two, as well as unlimited bus rides citywide, for £31 a week, a £5.10 discount on TfL’s Oyster card.

Users do, however, have to pay for at least four weeks up front, while TfL only takes the money as the journeys are made.

Citymapper said: “Cities are complicated. Our mission has been to simplify them. We’ve solved (and are still improving) many hard problems in urban mobility: multimodal routing to help with directions, a data factory that fixes open data so users can get accurate information, and a myriad of product features that solve everyday use cases. But we’ve always been missing something: ticketing and payment integration so that we can help users with the complete experience.”

Technically, it operates as a simple pre-paid debit card, with Citymapper paying TfL for each journey its users take until they hit the standard weekly price cap.

The company plans to expand the pass by bundling in private offerings that covers everything from dockless bikes, through rental cars, to ridesharing services.

It already offers a premium version of the pass for £39 a week which includes unlimited use of the TfL-run cycle hire network, and £10 a week credit on another experimental service, the CityMapper “Smart Ride” bus/taxi hybrid.

TfL is aware of Citymapper’s plans to introduce a subscription model, bundling together a number of transport options and welcome products which promote public transport, walking and cycling.”

Citymapper, launched in 2011 as a mapping app to help Londoners travel their city by public transport, now operates in almost 40 cities around the world.