Christopher Johnson Arrested After Sexually Explicit Videos Of 16 Year Old Appear Online

Christopher Johnson from Davie in Miami, Florida has been arrested after sexually explicit videos of a 16 year old were discovered on porn websites.

The teanage girl, who was 15 years old at the time she went missing in December 2018, was in the car at the time Johnson was arrested.

The 30 year old was arrested and taken into custody on October, 22, 2019 and was charged with lewd and lascivious battery of a child younger than 16.

It is believed that the victim left home at around 3 a.m. in December 2018, according to Police Department arrest affidavit.

She was seen in February 2019 at a convenience store in Davie, a surburb of Miami, with two men, one of whom was identified as Christopher Johnson.

The convenience store clerk told police that the girl and the two men left in a black Dodge Challenger, but the clerk was not able to get the license plate.

In September 2019, the victim’s mother contacted police and said she had received information that “sexually explicit images” of her daughter had been posted online.

The videos were said to be on several websites which include Pornhub and Snapchat. The images came from videos allegedly showing the victim performing sexual acts on two adult males.

So far, 58 videos of sexual acts involving the teenage girl are known to had been shared online and one of the males in the videos is belived to be Johnson.

Authorities say they were able to obtain a license plate number for the black Dodge Challenger and traced it back to an address belonging to Christopher Johnson.

During a search of Johnson’s apartment, detectives found paperwork from an abortion clinic. The girl told police that the videos were filmed on her cellphone inside Johnson’s apartment.

She also told police that after she got pregnant, he took her to a clinic to terminate the pregnancy. Johnson denied having sexual intercourse with the teen, police said.