Bus Driver Drink Beer Wrapped In Brown Paper Bag While Driving With 32 Children On Board

A school bus driver was seen on CCTV drinking beer  from a brown paper bag while driving a school bus with more than 30 children on board.

Michelle Passley was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering the life and health of a child in Aurora, Illinois after she was seen on camera drinking alcohol.

A manager from First Student Bus Company who viewed the surveillance video reported the incident to police on November 15 after receiving a tip from a convenience store clerk.

It is claimed that the driver bought the alcohol from the store clerk while she was on duty. The clerk called School District 131 and said a woman bought two cans of beer before driving off in a school bus.

Investigators said the 44 year old driver picked up the school bus around 6 am and completed one route before stopping to get the beer. Surveillance video from the store shows Passley buying the two 25oz cans, which appear to be Natural ICE.

She is seen drinking the beer moments later while driving from CI Johnson Elementary School.

Aurora Police praised the convenience store clerk who had the wherewithal to contact the district so that they could intervene.

Passley’s two counts of endangering a child are both misdemeanor charges. She was released on a $100 bond and is due back in court on December 27.