British Airways Might Dismiss Staff Unless Pay Cuts Accepted

The United Kingdom’s flagship airline, British Airways, is threatening to dismiss staff unless they accept pay cuts and new terms and conditions.

The airline is planning on making over 12,000 staff redundant and will be asking the remaining staff to make sacrifices after 10 weeks of standing still.

This has lead to British Airways sending “Section 188” letters to three unions which represent 35,473 BA staff members.

The new recommendations include temporary lay-off clauses in contracts, which would allow the airline to suspend staff for up to 6 weeks a year without pay.

The airline is loosing money and it’s in a situation where it might dismiss staff if agreement on the proposed changes cannot be reached.

The airline is struggling due to restrictions that national governments have imposed on worldwide travel to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In a statement the company said: “We are acting now to protect as many jobs possible. The airline industry is facing the deepest structural change in its history, as well as facing a severely weakened global economy. We call on Unite and GMB to consult with us on our proposals as our pilot union, BALPA, is doing. Working together we can protect more jobs as we prepare for a new future.”