Boarding Buses In London Is Now Done Through The Middle And Back Doors

In a new measure announced by Transport for London (TfL), bus passengers are only allowed to board London’s buses using the middle and back doors.

The use of the Middle door for boarding is a temporary nessasity to protect drivers and keep passengers safe from the coronavirus.

TfL decided to make the changes following the death of 15 bus workers in London who have died after testing positive to Covid-19.

Bus drivers are pivotal in ensuring Key workers can perform the vital roles they do during this national emergency to keep the city going.

Trials has been done on 140 buses across nine routes. TfL claims that the low number of people travelling meant people can practice social distancing between each other.

Passengers will not need to touch in after boarding and are asked not to approach the driver.

Limited use of the capital’s buses by essential workers had led the number of people travelling to reduce by about 85%.

Existing measures to protect drivers and passengers include signage directing people away from seats near drivers, improved protective screens around the cab and regular announcements reminding those on board of the need to maintain social distancing.

TfL said it was also considering creating a “completely sealed partition” between drivers and passengers.