A Refuse Collection Lorry Crashes Into Two Cars And A House


A Biffa refuse collection lorry crashed into a house in Drayton Street, Stanmore, Winchester, shortly before 8.30am, on Tuesday, October 8.

The large refuse lorry caused enormous damage to the property and two parked cars as it rolled down the street and mounted the kerb.

The dust cart rolled backwards down the hill and ended up into the house around 8.20am, a time when children must have been walking to school.


Local Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene and a cordon was placed around the effected properties.

Officers from both Biffa and the Winchester City Council were in attendance. Despite the severity of the crash, nobody was injured.

Officers carried out assessments of the property and the lorry. It’s not clear if it was a brake failure and the company is working to investigate how the incident happened.