Car, van and motorcycle Owners Granted Six-Month Exemption From MOT Testing

Car, van and motorcycle Owners were granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing by the Department for Transport.

This is to enable road users, especially essential workers to continue to travel.

However vehicles need to be ‘kept in a roadworthy condition’ and those found at the controls of unsafe motors can be prosecuted and fined up to £2,500.


Body Checklist to make sure vehicles are roadworthy

– Clean windscreen, windows and mirrors

– Working lights

– Working brakes

Engine checklists to make sure vehicles are roadworthy

– Engine oil

– Water level in the radiator or expansion tank

– Brake fluid level

– Battery

– Screen and rear window washer bottles

– Washer fluid top up with windscreen if necessary

– Tyres: they must have the correct tread depth and be free of cuts and defects

Advice for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

‘Electric and hybrid vehicles have 12-volt batteries, the same as conventional cars. However, they charge differently. Pressing the start button so the ‘ready’ light comes on will operate the charging system.

Putting the car into ‘ready’ mode for 10 minutes once a week should keep the 12-volt battery topped up. Some electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can maintain their 12-volt batteries if they’re plugged in to the mains charger, so drivers should check their vehicle handbook for details.’